Our Responsibility is Your Success

Unfair Advantage Events, LLC (UAE) specializes in logistics and maximizing sales opportunities at live events. Our management team uses its 25 years of combined experience in the seminar industry to apply a four-pronged approach to event management.


Anyone with experience creating, marketing and selling events will tell you the hardest part of their business is “putting a butt in a seat”. With that in mind, prior to an event with a client we first take a look inside their business. We look for areas we can improve lead generation and/or increase the size of their existing marketing funnel. The initial goal is to maximize the ROI of their marketing dollars. Next we review the communication pattern they use with the buyers of their products and training. This is an often undervalued or overlooked component to making an event successful. The proper message, timing and frequency of communication at the time of registration and through their live attendance are critical. And finally, we review any current educational packages, price points and their value proposition to make sure they are properly positioned to sell.


“Sales” is a broadly defined term; however, for UAE it includes several components. We deploy a physical sales team, we install a sales process and we aid in the content delivery from the front of the room. Those three things working together create massively successful results.

UAE uses a simple yet highly effective approach to selling at live events. We offer a highly skilled and experienced sales team with over 100 years of event sales experience. We use our team and sales process in parallel with our clients’ subject matter expertise to create a comprehensive and dynamic presentation that every attendee will enjoy. If you are interested in using UAE for your next event, we would be happy to expand on our sales process over a private phone call.

Fulfillment and Delivery

Once sales have been completed and the event is finished we must turn our attention to the delivery side of the business. Having a quality delivery system is critical. Failing in this area will have a negative impact on your business and reputation in the marketplace. Upon request UAE will deliver all client branded educational products, services and training. Subjects include residential and commercial real estate investment, general business consulting, business flipping, Internet marketing and personal development. Additional topics can be delivered upon request.

Call Center

UAE provides pre event sales, post event sales and administrative support. Each client can have a customized support plan based on the needs of their business. Our agents have experience selling products and trainings from $1,000 to $40,000. All agents are accent neutral and are available during all US time zones. International calls can be handled with 7 days advance notice.