Client Testimonials

I was close to mothballing my education business for awhile to focus more on investing. Then we had UAE run our ensuing three day event, our sales were the highest of any event in the last seven years. Now our events are a platform to assist in our investing business.

Scott Meyers – Commercial Self Storage Acquisitions

Our experience with the UAE team resulted in sales and demonstrated an organization dedicated to professionalism together with a straightforward caring approach to our clients.

Michael Fugler – CXO Collective, Boardmember

Although I have only worked with Mike Vega and Joe Gnapp for a relatively short time, the expertise and professionalism that they bring to the table is second to none.  I have been blessed to work with some of the best people in my industry, which is real estate and real estate training/mentorship. Unfair Advantage Events (UAE) brings the pieces of the puzzle together that even the top mentors in this industry are missing, and to be honest, don’t even realize are missing.  By working together with UAE my growth and sales will grow beyond what I would have thought was even feasible.

John Jackson – Texas Lease Options

Mike, Joe and UAE are A-Players in the industry. They have very high standards of doing business. They know how to maximize the numbers and do incredible things while executing events.

Andrey Sokurec and Dan McCabe – Minnesota Real Estate Club

Caution! Don’t hire these guys. They’ll make you rich. Kidding aside. We highly recommend Unfair Advantage Events. They’re very professional and have been very profitable strategic partners for us.

Tim Mai and AC Ramos – The Prosperity Group Houston, TX

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Mike Vega & Joe Gnapp from UAE. We could not have reached our sales goals without their leadership and consulting.  I was intrigued with their assessment tools which helped us develop a better sales process. We needed the ‘backbone’ that UAE provided to actually help us close higher percentages. Having a sales and support team like UAE is essential to getting results. They get my highest recommendation.

Dolmar Cross – Advisors Education

If you are currently hosting or even thinking about hosting live events, you must hire UAE.  The level of experience, efficiency and analytics with UAE is the best I have seen out there.  UAE’s strategies and insight have assisted in dramatically accelerating my business.

Curt Maly – Black Box Social Media, Cofounder

When doing business with UAE, you’re dealing with ultra professionals working with you at the highest level in your business. The results are not only in the impressive sales numbers but in the way they handle our students and clients.

Paul Xavier – The Hawaii Wealth Summit and National Wealth Summit, Founder